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Dear Visitors, Dear Patients, Friends, and Colleagues!
Welcome to my homepage. You can find my CV and personal information in the section ‘Personal Information‘, everything regarding my clinical work is filed under ‘Clinical Work‘, information on my current research and reports of interesting congresses and meetings are found in the ‘Research‘ section. You can download my publications, scripts and protocols, as well as good freeware software and more under ‘Downloads‘; last but not least the section ‘Net Culture‘ holds selected links to interesting and practical internet pages.

Please keep in mind that this homepage primarily is designed for German speaking guests; currently not all pages are available in English.

Contact Address:

Dr. M. SchubertDr. med. Mario Schubert
Klinik Park-Therme
Ernst-Eisenlohr-Str. 6
D-79410 Badenweiler

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